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The Other Side of the Tortilla

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Saturday morning, I received a compliment that affirmed my love of food, people and real estate. It was a simple text that came over from a past client who just moved here, "I know it's early, but where do I find a breakfast burrito?". I laughed and never thought that being a self-declared "foodie" and an expert on Huntsville cuisine would pair with my job as a loan originator. After quickly responding that Little Rosie's was indeed the best place to go (and recommending the breakfast chicken fajita wrap) I felt a sense of pride. She replied with, "I knew you would know". I was honored that she would seek my advice on something so simple but provided something we all need- comfort in an uncomfortable time.

I never thought I would see the day that little Huntsville, Alabama would be on pace to be the largest city in the state. My Facebook has been flooded with articles about the local job sector contributing to the growth of this city and new rankings landing Huntsville on top (*cough* #11 in "Best Places to Live in the U.S."). Craft Breweries are thriving, food trucks are on every corner and the economy is record-breaking. There is no doubt we are proud that others are finally seeing the beauty Huntsville has to offer.

I meet people from all over the country, often I am their first contact which in turn comes with a big responsibility. It is my job to welcome them and make sure they are introduced to the right folks to take care of them (realtors, doctors, dentists, hair stylists, insurance agents etc). It is not just the city or the house that makes your experience, it is also the people.

I am fortunate to share what I have learned in my 26 years of living here; short cuts in traffic, where to buy houses and what to eat. My thoughts on schools, the local farmers' markets, neighborhood pools, ballparks, happy hours and nature trails. I have found that clients value the inside scoop, they are desperate to know the truth about the neighborhoods they want to live in. Most importantly, they want to be validated in their decisions and to know that they will fit into their new home. It is my job to not only answer, "How much is my payment going to be?" but also to answer every other question that comes with a new city, a new job or a new neighborhood. It is my job to welcome you home.

I want to be your insider. Despite being a millennial, NOT everything you need to know is on the internet. I am here to be your local lender, to make your life easier and to help you know your community. Before you jump into one of your largest financial decisions, make sure you seek an insiders perspective. It may lead you to find the best burrito in town (with a margarita on the side).

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